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Good Night

It was a soft rustle and a slight movement that woke him.
It was at times like these that he cursed his military training. Waking at the slightest provocation was an advantage in the field, yes, but it was a real bother when it was only the one beside him moving in her sleep. Still, it wasn't that bad. He got an excuse to look at her while she slept at least.
He still couldn't believe it. The fiasco at Yakin Due had only been over for a few days and things were in a complete mess, but still... he was glad. The war was over, and for the first time in a very long while he could wake up at leisure in the mornings, no sirens screaming the approach of an enemy, surrounded by a feeling of peace and quiet. And the sounds of her soft breathing.
Smiling slightly bemusedly to himself, he turned slightly to look at her. He still couldn't believe it. She had tried to kill him not long after they'd first met, but he'd understood after a while. She'd lost the one she loved at the hands of one of his comrades-in-arms. If things had been turned around, she may have been growing cold on the floor before he'd realize that it didn't change matters one whit. And he would have the blood of one more innocent on his hands.
He shuddered a little at that realization, and thanked whatever higher powers there were that things had turned out the way they had. She may have hated him in the beginning - the gods know he wasn't taking to kindly to her at first, with her being one of the enemy - but... well. He'd learned that she was human. Natural or Coordinator, it made no difference. A striking realization, but one he was glad he'd made, for with it came the fact that, strange beginnings aside, he was growing to love her. To love her like no other.
A small frown creased his brow though, as he realized something wasn't quite right. Even as she slept, she trembled ever so slightly, her breath broken as silver tears slid painfully slowly down her cheeks in the pale light of the moon.
He felt suddenly awkward. She'd never have let herself be seen like this if she had been awake, and she'd been on the verge of clobbering him the last time he'd happened upon her, red-eyed in her room, as he came in to check on her after a battle where the Archangel had sustained substantial damage. To see her like this now, so suddenly vulnerable felt like he was invading her privacy, and, just like he was a schoolboy again, he had no idea how to deal with this.
Then again, maybe he did.
Well, I'm not Tolle, and I guess I never will be, but...
Moving carefully, tired joints creaking with the strain, he slid his arm under her pillow, and from there, down to below her neck. Running his other hand lightly through her tousled red hair once, he let it settle on her shoulder as he leaned in close. She'd stopped sobbing, at least, so that was better than nothing.
He sighed quietly in relief as she moaned softly and curled up a little more, breathing heavier like a sleeping kitten. He'd never be able to replace what she'd lost, but at least he could try to make her happy, with what they'd found.
Good night, Millie.

For 30_kisses
Title: Good Night.
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #24 (good night)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. I couldn't even pay for the entry fees to the toilet in the Supreme Court.
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