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Fools Rush In

For 30_kisses
Title: Fools Rush In
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #6 (the space between dream and reality)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue.

The mug made a rather resounding thwack as it slammed onto the surface of the bar counter. The normally unflappable bartender winced a little at the sound, and winced a little more at the small cracks that had started appearing at the bottom of the mug, and around the handle.
Millie couldn't care less. She was pissed off, and was determined to get pissed drunk as well.
Of all the nerve. What do you know, blondes really DO have the IQ of a decapitated turtle, no matter what se... gender they are. She leaned back as she took another swig. Stupid, pigheaded, idiotic twit. Can't think of anyone but himself can he?
She sighed, though it came out more like a growl, and hunched down over the bar counter, glaring at her beer. It wasn't working quite as well as she'd wanted it to, and it was already her fourteenth mug. She was still sober and fresh as a daisy though, and it was not helping her mood one bit.
Bloody ungrateful bastard. After all I've done for him, does he think one bit about what I want? Go back to ZAFT, I said. Get your affairs in order, I said. Go sort out your life, I said. And when I told him I want to be a war photojournalist, what DOES he say? The prick! She grabbed the mug and finished off the beer in one quick chug before slamming it back down on the counter and motioning for a refill.
"Easy on the hardware eh, lady?" breathed the bartender in a husky voice. It wasn't surprising to see why he had it. There was a huge mass of scar tissue over the front of his neck, which probably involved the insides of it as well. Millie cocked an irritated eyebrow, and waved him off as she hunched over her newfound best friend.
He's worried about me, he said. War's a dangerous thing, he said. As if I didn't already know. I mean... She shook her head as images of Tolle rose unbidden in her mind, and the abyss of depression loomed below her, waiting for her to take the plunge. Ah, screw this. I served on the Archangel. I was nearly killed so many times I've lost count. So has HE, for that matter, and while he spouted all that nonsense, he was STILL going out there. And he's got the CHEEK to tell me that he wants me safe on PLANT with him, away from war, while he goes out to stick his neck into the middle of it. NO BLOODY WAY! I'm NOT gonna be some silly demure housewife sitting at home with some tear-drenched hankie waiting for my man to come home!
She took another violent swig, but put the mug down rather more gently this time, earning a relieved smile from the bartender. She stared at the contents of her mug again. It was already half empty. She sighed and hunched over the bar counter again, puffing her cheeks out as she contemplated chewing on the sleeves of her jacket in sheer frustration.
Ignorant, chauvanistic PIG. I should've known he was too good to be true. Coming in on me all suave and sexy and like he's all that. Like some kinght on a charger out of some kid's dream. Gods, reality took a big bite outta me with that one. There I was thinking I'd met the perfect guy, and he turns out to be the galaxy's biggest thickhead. What was I THINKING?!
Almost as if they'd had a mind of their own, her eyes grew wet, much to her shock. Maybe she was less sober than she'd thought.
No. NO. There's NO way in hell I'm gonna be caught crying. Not here. Not like this. This is so STUPID! I REFUSE to cry over someone like that idiotic blonde AIRHEAD.
Huffing, she ran her sleeve over her eyes, rubbing a little to clear the moisture. Not that it seemed to be working.
"Errr... Hello?"
"What?!" she snapped as she spun around.
She was met by the sight of a thin, pale man with ash-brown hair, wearing orange tinted shades. He looked dizzily happy, and a little shocked, possibly a bit concerned.
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