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For 30_kisses
Title: Gurgle.
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #18 ("say ahh....") and #27 (overflow)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue.

He wanted to cry.
That was the foremost thing on his mind as he resisted the urge to take his head and drive it through a wall. Repeatedly. Behind him came the joyous sound of a two year old screaming with laughter as he pelted his merry way through the house, waving a rattle like it was a sword as he chased after the yowling family cat, a battle-scarred grey furred tom that had seen better days.
Before him sat a bundle of giggles. A very hyperactive one as well. A very porridge splattered hyperactive one. He groaned as his cat and his kid hurtled past again, squeezing his temples as the worst headache of his life [over the last fifteen minutes anyway] threatened to beat his brains out of his skull. With a warhammer.
Feeling horrified, yet numb, he looked at himself. Once, he was a elite pilot for the ZAFT forces. Once, he had been the pilot of the Buster Gundam. He had survived the battle of Yakin Due. He had survived countless battles before and after that, even after they'd taken the Buster for research and shoved him into a crappy Zaku Gunner. And now...
He was wearing an apron. A porridge splattered apron. Porridge was in his hair as well. On his face too. On his arms. On the tiled floor. In short, everywhere. He looked a mess, just like his house. Having two children was taking its bloody toll on him, as was the thought of the one on the way.
He sighed. This is all MILLIE'S fault...
And while she was off doing... whatever it was that editors do in her posh office where Lacus had gotten her a job with some top notch news firm, where she also doubled up as her personal agent, he, the much decorated illustrious former ace warrior was now reduced to doing housework.
He hadn't complained when peace had come, no. He'd welcomed it. After all, that gave him and Millie a well-earned chance to finally settle down. She had looked so radiant on their wedding day. Even more so on their wedding night. And in ten short months, their first child arrived. He'd been so happy that day, he felt he could burst with all the joy he was filled to overflowing with. Needless to say, all hell broke loose in no time. The advent of their second progeny made things moderately worse, and now that a third was on the way, he was really REALLY beginning to dread staying home. After all, it made him do crazy things, like praying for a war to break out. Or piracy. Or a minor border skirmish. ANYTHING to get him out of the house.
She laughed, gurgling cutely as she patted him on the head with one chubby hand, squealing with delight as her brother made another pass through the battlefield that used to be a kitchen.
He sighed. Like it or not, I have to get her to finish this. She'll never grow up right, otherwise. Smiling, he stirred the porridge, took a small spoonful, and lifted it up. "Aeroplane's coming in now, baby. Say ahhhhhhh~~~"
She obliged, laughing. And when the spoon was mere millimeters from her face, she batted it away, sending the porridge splattering onto his face.
"Millie, where ARE YOU?!?!" he wailed.
Nearby, as if by some cosmic joke, the kettle whistled its merriment and the clogged sink decided to do some overflowing of its own.
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