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For 30_kisses
Title: Whoops.
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #8 (our own world) and #22 (cradle)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. I'll give ya candy?...

Dearka blinked, and he could definitely feel his jaw going slack.
Millie sighed. "A cradle. Yes. We need one of those. Together with a coupla sets of baby clothes and booties. Pairs of em. I'm guessing one blue and one pink should do."
She looked up from the list she was making and stared exasperatedly at his face. It had the distinct look of someone where the lights were on, but no one was home. Irrationally, she contemplated knocking on his forehead to check if his head was hollow, but decided against it. At the moment, it just might be.
"Hello? Dee? Can we get back to business here?"
Dearka started. "Huh? Oh yeah. Right. Business. What did you call me here for again? You said you needed me to help buy some things. What were they again?"
Another gusty sigh escaped Millie's lips as she sagged visibly. This had been going on for almost fifteen minutes.
"CU. RAY. DAH. UL. As in, the thing you stick babies in so they can sleep. And we need to get baby clothes and stuff as well. And it's kinda early, but we probably need to think about infant formulas and whatnot."
She winced as she took another look at his face. His jaw had sagged visibly open, and there was a look of utter and total incomprehension. Mixed in with equal parts horror and sillyness, judging by the goofy upturn to the edges of his mouth. She had a feeling that if she sat him down next to a stunned herring and a worm and made them do an IQ test, the stunned herring would win. The worm might still lose.
Okay, the worm would win hands down too. She rolled her eyes. It was time for some decisive action.
Walking up to him, and amazed that he barely noticed, she slid both hands to the open lapels of his jacket, took firm hold, and started shaking him. "GET A GRIP, YOU LAMEBRAIN! It was BOUND to happen sooner or later!"
Her eyebrow twitched twice in quick succession as she realized that his overall lack of motor response, in other words, his general floppiness, was probably a good indication that his brain had shut down. It had probably been the word 'babies'. Why was it that men tended to go brain-dead at the mention of progeny? They WERE a natural outcome of a relationship that involved marriage after all. After all, what did they want their own little world for if they were the only two people in it? It'd get boring. The sex may be good, but...
Oh for Pete's sake...
She smacked both her palms against his cheeks, finally getting a stunned grrrnk out of him, and dragged his face so their noses were touching.
"Now listen carefully, Dee. As much as I wish it were so, we're buying these things for LACUS and KIRA. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?! LACUS and KIRA. She's THREE MONTHS pregnant, and it appears that Kira's genes pulled through, cuz their doctor is willing to stake his money that they have TWINS."
"Eh?" Dearka shook his head. "So you're?..."
"Not me, you ninny. LACUS."
Dearka sagged. She couldn't really tell if it was with relief or whether he was crestfallen, but she fancied the latter. "So you're..."
She rolled her eyes heavenward and smacked him between the eyes.
"Gods, I married a moron."
Holding the bridge of his nose, Dearka protested, in muffled tones. "HEY! It's not BY fault! Yoo dook be by surbrise!"
"And you don't want kids, is that it?"
"OF COURSE I want kids! Just didn't expect em quite this early. We've only been married like..."
Millie arched an eyebrow. "Right, and when you take into account the number of times we've..."
"Good point." Dearka turned a brilliant scarlet, which she still found amusing. It was amazing how easy it was to embarass him, even now.
"Ah well," she sighed as she leaned in closer. "That means we just need to try harder now, don't we?"
He never thought it'd be possible, but he was quite sure that he turned redder.
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