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You Don't Have To Be A Superstar

For 30_kisses
Title: You Don't Have To Be A Superstar
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #7 (superstar)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. PURISU!

[Millie dials Dearka's number on her handphone.]
Millie: [muttering to herself] Hope he's home, the silly boy, he forgot to give me his handphone number. After he changed it again. How many times has he changed it now? Thrice in two months? Overly fashion conscious...
Dearka: [sleepily] gnnnh... urgh. Hello?
Millie: ... whoops. Did I wake you?
Dearka: [stares at clock] It's... oh man, it's 3 in the morning over here.
Millie: The time differential shifted again? It's only midnight over here.
Dearka: I don't know, really... [stifles yawn]... may be something to do with the orbit or whatever. It's been getting more and more outta sync with Earth time. Maybe the weather center coms just need to be reset or something. Or maybe it could just be cuz of where you are. I dunno. Too sleepy to care. [gives up and yawns] What's up? Why're you calling at midnight anyway? Shouldn't you be asleep?
Millie: No rest for the wicked, I'm afraid...
Dearka: Which you are in spades, you evil woman.
Millie: Of course.
Dearka: ... ok, what're you working on so late anyhow? Not like you to be up this late unless you're rushing something.
Millie: Heh. You know me too well, Dee.
Dearka: You know I hate it when you call me that...
Millie: Which is EXACTLY why I call you that.
Dearka: [groans] Oh fine, whatever. [yawns again as he settles on his back] So what's this major scoop that's keeping my baby up all night?
Millie: You won't believe this.


Dearka: I'm waiting...
Millie: Imagine... A Zaku descending from the sky...
Dearka: ... and...
Millie: Painted all in pink. Flanked by some garish orange painted suit that looks like it wants to be related to a carrot.
Dearka: Oh. You were at THAT base.
Millie: Yeah.
Dearka: That was likely to be a Gouf Ignited, by the way. Probably Commander Heine Westenfluss. I heard he was on special assignment, but I never expected him to get this kinda half-assed job.
Millie: Who cares what that thing is called. It's ugly. Just like the PINK ZAKU. Gods. What person in his right mind wants to paint a Zaku PINK?!... and there's someone out there called HEINE-Y?!
Dearka: Her right mind, actually. It was... 'Lacus'... who ordered it painted pink. And yes. Heine. He's an ace-ranked pilot, apparently. Stupid name aside.


Millie: You DO know that's not OUR Lacus, right?
Dearka: Of course I do.
Millie: Just checking.
Dearka: Hey, gimme a little credit here. We know that Lacus is with Kira... wherever they are now...
Millie: Beats me where they are. They kinda kidnapped Cagalli, and I doubt they'd want to stay on the radar after a stunt like that...
Dearka: Heh. Kira's changed quite a bit, hasn't he?
Millie: Haven't we all?
Dearka: Point taken. [stretches] So you're staying up to do the report on Lacus Version 2.0?
Millie: Like I have a choice... and the worst thing about it...
Dearka: What?
Millie: I had to hear her SING.

[long silence, cut short when Dearka bursts out laughing]

Millie Hey! HEY! Stop laughing!

[Dearka continues laughing. It's not like he doesn't want to stop, but he can't help himself.]

Millie: Oh come on! This is SO not funny!
Dearka: Don't you love what's she's done to Lacus' music?
Millie: Oh, I simply adore it. [makes gagging noises, much to Dearka's amusement] Gods, I'm surprised Lacus can just sit there and listen to it. If it were me, I woulda gotten Kira to fly over there and STEP on her or something.
Dearka: Be glad, woman. You only had to listen to that crack remix once. They blare it over the radios here pretty damn often. Granted it was kinda amusing at first...
Dearka: Beats me. I never even knew I was a puppy, and I feel perfectly fine.
Millie: Oh, you KNOW what I...
Dearka: Of course I do. But yeah. It's starting to get mighty irritating at times. I've been entertaining thoughts of bashing in the speakers in the corridor outside my room, for starters. And if they start using it as the wake up call, I swear I'm gonna have puppies.

[Millie laughs hysterically]

Dearka: And NOW who's laughing?
Millie: hahahahahahahahahsorrrhahahahahahrrruuuurrrrhurrrhurrhurrrhreeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe...

[Dearka listens as she probably falls off her chair, judging by the yelp and the accompanying thud.]

Dearka: You ok?
Millie: Yeah. Nothing hurt but my pride, really. But gods...
Dearka: Yeah...
Millie: Yeah...


Dearka: [stifles another yawn] You almost done yet though?
Millie: Yeah, almost. Got the pictures ready already, it's mainly thinking of what to say that's such a bitch.
Dearka: Heh. Keep at it eh? I'm sure you'll manage.
Millie: And when have I not?
Dearka: See what I mean?

[they laugh]

Millie: Seriously though.
Dearka: Yeah?
Millie: Why did you choose to end up with a girl like me? I mean... I'm not that good looking, and I'm not rich, and not some superstar. You're ZAFT Elite right? Wouldn't they expect that of you? Instead of me... I mean... I'm just a Natural...
Dearka: Ah, they can shove it up their asses for all I care. And if they need some more conviction, I could always threaten to step on them.
Millie: You wouldn't...
Dearka: Ah, but they don't know for sure now, do they?...
Millie: You joke too much sometimes, you know that?
Dearka: Heh. It's the way I am. 'sides... you really have nothing to worry about. I ain't the kind to go after girls for money or fame or anything. I already got that in droves. What would I want more for? And there's no way in hell I'm going after a superstar... I mean, take fake Lacus for example... they make rather bad conversationalists when they mainly talk about themselves, ya know. And their clothes. And their hair. And... gods know what else.

[Millie giggles]

Dearka: Besides... why would I need to look for anything else when I already have everything I want? And everything I need?
Millie: Really? And what would that be?
Dearka: You.


Millie: Gods, I wish I was there to kiss you senseless.
Dearka: It worked then, heh.
Millie: It was just a LINE?!
Dearka: Of course not, you worrywart. But I DO miss you a lot. And I REALLY wish you were here right now. After all, those kisses seem to have some rather fascinating accompaniments...


Dearka: Millie?
Millie: [mock threatening voice] You are SO gonna get it from me when I see you again...
Dearka: And I'll be looking forward to every minute of it. You done yet?
Millie: Yeah, pretty much. As much as I want to, anyway. If I check through this one more time, I'm gonna go cross-eyed.
Dearka: Then go sleep then. I do NOT want those pretty eyes crossed.
Millie: Flatterer.
Dearka: And don't you know it.


Millie: Night, Dee.
Dearka: Nights, sweetie.

[end call]
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