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Calling Earth

[sound of phone ringing. there's a click as someone picks up the phone]

Operator: Operator speaking. Can I help you?
Dearka: Hi. I'd like to speak with Milliaria Haww please.
Operator: Do you know her number?
Dearka: Sorry, not really, no. She's lost her mobile recently, and she doesn't really have a fixed address.
Operator: Do you have any idea where she may be at the moment? It's going to be difficult to put you through to her without a number.
Dearka: Well, she's on Earth. The last time I spoke to her was when she was around Egypt, near the Suez canal. I think she should still be around there. Can you help me check?
Operator: Who do you think I am? God?
Dearka: I'd worship you like you were God if you could put me through to her. I'm counting on you. Please?

[sudden silence]

Dearka: Hello?
Operator: [flustered sounding] Ah, um, well... ahahaha... just hang on a moment. I'll help you run a search to see if she's listed again. What was her name again?
Dearka: Milliaria Haww. That's Haww as in H-A-W-W.
Operator: That's an uncommon surname. I'll run a check then. Please wait for a few minutes. You are?...
Dearka: Dearka. My surname's Elthman.

[Dearka winces as there is a not-very-well-disguised squeal before the canned music kicks in. Apparently, his reputation preceded him in the strangest of circles. He drums his fingers against the wall as he waits, listening to a very strange version of Shizukana Yoruni that sounds very upbeat, chipper, and unbelievably genki. He feels like chewing through the phone cord, but he restrains himself.]

Operator: Hello, Mr Elthman?
Dearka: Yeah. I'm here.
Operator: We've managed to find a number listed to a Miss M. Haww. She appears to be the only one with that surname in Egypt at the moment, so I guess we were lucky, eh? [nervous tittering] The call's going to have a couple of seconds delay, yeah, cuz of the distance.
Dearka: Yeah, I guess.
Operator: Yeah, we WERE lucky, weren't we, and...
Dearka: Ermmm... excuse me, miss, but...
Operator: OMG sorry! Hang on a minute, I'll put you through, it's just that i never expected to...

[Dearka sighs with relief as he finally hears the sound of connection to an Earth based line.]

Millie: Hello? Speak.
Dearka: It's nice to hear your voice too, Millie.


Millie: ... Dearka?
Dearka: Yeah. How ya been doing?
Millie: Good, good... and you?
Dearka: Same old, same old, I guess. After Junius 7, I've been running guard duty on PLANT since. You? I heard that you took some pictures over in Suez, and that Kira's back in business again.
Millie: Yeah, you could say that. Archangel popped out of nowhere in the middle of a battle, and apparently the rumours were true, Cagalli WAS with them... and ORB went apeshit on her and tried to shoot her down.
Dearka: What?!
Millie: Yeah, I was surprised too. But yeah, Kira was around, so she's ok. Can't say the same for the others in the battle though. They were all rapidly Freedom-ed.
Dearka: [winces] Egads, you're STILL using that term?
Millie: What else would you call it?
Dearka: ... good point.
Millie: Some poor guy in an orange Gouf bought it though.
Dearka: ... Orange Gouf?... Commander Westenfluss got taken down?...
Millie: To say the least. Wait.. wasn't he supposed to be some kinda ace pilot to you guys?
Dearka: Yeah, he was a FAITH member.
Millie: Mustn't've been very good, if he got taken down accidentally by that black dog thing... the Gaia?...
Dearka: Ouch.
Millie: But well. You can say that he's out on his Heine-y now...
Dearka: Awwww man...

[nervous laughter, quickly subsides.]

Dearka: So what happened? I was so worried when I called your mobile and it said you weren't available.
Millie: Mmmm? Oh, that. Nothing much really. I mean, being on a cliff taking pictures of a battle means I gotta run around like a madwoman. I think I dropped the damn thing. Had to buy a new one, and there goes my hard-earned paycheck, boo-hoo.
Dearka: Ah well. These things happen, I guess. Glad to hear you're ok.
Millie: My camera lens wasn't so lucky though... it cracked...


Dearka: Ok, fine, I'll get you a new one. Which one you want?
Millie: [cooing] Oh, you know me so well, you lovely boy. Can I mail you the details later?
Dearka: [shrugs. and wonders why he's shrugging when she can't see it.] Yeah, why not? I just got my paycheck, and it's not like I have a lot to use it on at the moment.
Millie: Life been ok so far? I mean...
Dearka: Yeah, life under Yzak kinda sucks. I mean, the guy's so inept as a pilot sometimes I wonder how he sur... why are you laughing?
Millie: [laughs]
Dearka: Some things never change I see. I'm not under him THAT way. Or over him. Gods. I'm just his subcommander, and we are SO not ghei...
Millie: [still laughing] right...
Dearka: Oh gods, woman, I'm serious. Who on EARTH would want to be gay if there's someone like you around?
Millie: Oh you flatterer.
Dearka: I only speak the truth. Cross my heart and hope to die.


Dearka: Millie?
Millie: [coughs slightly] Gods, you are such a sweet-talker.
Dearka: Only to you. Heh.
Millie: Right. And how many girls have you used THAT line on?
Dearka: Oh... let's see... nine... you should be the tenth one, I guess.
Millie: [growls]
Dearka: Oh, you KNOW I'm kidding right?... you're the only one for me. Now and always.
Millie: [sounds a bit more placated] Where would you be without me anyway?
Dearka: Yeah... so why don't you come over here? We could be together.


Dearka: Millie?
Millie: You know I can't.
Dearka: Yeah, I know. Neutrality and all that. And the job.
Millie: Something like that, yeah.
Dearka: Yeah...


Millie: You could always leave ZAFT. I mean, Athrun did for a while.
Dearka: I can't.
Millie: Yzak?
Dearka: Well, not completely because of him, but... yeah. Who'd save his ass if I wasn't there? I don't want another friend to die, if I can help it. Not after what happened to Nichol. It's too painful.
Millie: Yeah...
Dearka: Sorry.
Millie: It's ok.
Dearka: I didn't mean to bring that up in conver...
Millie: I said it's ok. Really. Besides, he's gone now, and no amount of our bellyaching or apologizing will ever bring him back now will it?
Dearka: No, I guess not.
Millie: Yeah.
Dearka: Yeah.


Dearka: I got some shore leave to clear soon.
Millie: Really?
Dearka: Yeah. About a week or so, in a week's time.
Millie: Cool.
Dearka: Where will you be around then?
Millie: Honey, I'm a war journalist. How am I supposed to know?
Dearka: I see your point. Ah well. I'll call you a coupla days beforehand?
Millie: Yeah, that works.


Dearka: Gods, I hate being so far from you.
Millie: Why? Feeling lonely already?
Dearka: You know it. It's been a while already.
Millie: Yeah.
Dearka: ... I really hope that this will all be over soon.
Millie: Yeah. Then we wouldn't have to keep shuttling around like this.
Dearka: ME shuttling, you mean. I'm the one that ends up paying the tickets to Earth all the time.
Millie: You complaining, mister?
Dearka: No?
Millie: You don't want to see me, huh?
Dearka: Of course not! You KNOW I want to see you!


Millie: Oh, relax, you big lunk, I was just kidding. For someone that's supposed to be a smooth operator, you're kinda easy to jerk around, you know that?
Dearka: I think it's just you.
Millie: Heh. I know. Anyway, I gotta go. It's kinda late where I am, so I'm gonna go catch some sleep. Got an assignment, and I need to be up by the unholy hour of 5.
Dearka: Whoa. That IS unholy.
Millie: Heh. Yeah. But it's the job.
Dearka: Yeah.
Millie: Anyhow, nites, loverboy. Don't stay up to late.
Dearka: Yeah. And Millie?
Millie: Hmmm?
Dearka: I love you.


Millie: I love you too. Nites, loverboy.
Dearka: Nite, sweetheart.

[end call]

For 30_kisses
Title: Calling Earth
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #4 (our distance and that person) and #10 (#10)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. Pretty please with a cherry on top and lots of sugah EVERYWHEAAHHHH~~~
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