When Stars Collide

This is especially for sempai. Happy birthday, baby. :3 
I did promise I'd try to write this, so here it is... didn't particularly turn out the way I planned, and I think there's some characterization issues, but humour me... I'm months outta practice. X3 Hope ya have a wonderful birthday, k? And can't wait to see you back here soon. ;)
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Random Shiate.

~Matthias Vogt Trio

He's living next (to) the rails
He can tell you things of different cars and trains
Now he's trying the whole day
To switch off time by causing train delay(s)

Could be enough
If only he's the pilot once a day
Could be enough
If only he's the pilot once a day

Not a word to compensate
Not a sentence to describe this desperate state
Not a picture to compare
We step into a room of old black air

Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day
Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day

Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day
Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day, once a day

Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day
Could be enough
If only we are pilots once a day
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Looking for Places to Hide.

They were... irritating.

To one as used to the hardship and rigeurs of warfare as he was, he was actually mildly surprised that he could be this... unsettled... at such trivialities, but the fleshlings were slowly but steadily driving him insane.

Then again, the way things stood, they were probably not fully to blame.

Sitting next to his brightly colored and mildly annoying comrade, he glared sullenly at the fleshling children as they boarded him and drove off on their usual daily trip to... wherever it was they went. He didn't really care. He was actually rather fond of... Sam, his name was, after the fiasco with the Decepticons. He'd proven his mettle, Bumblebee was fond of him, and while he WAS rather highly strung, he generally left him alone most of the time, so things were nice and civil for all concerned. Mikaela was also generally... civil. Though she did seem a tad too fascinated with his guns and what was under his hood on occasion. It made him slightly uncomfortable to have her lean into him quite that much, but he was thankful she didn't generate the same effect on him that she did on Sam. He looked occasionally as if he was on the verge of a processor meltdown.

Sam's parents, however, were a far different story.

He grumbled to himself a little, a black pickup truck with what sounded like an idling engine.

He'd probably been associating with Ratchet a tad too much, given the 'bot's tendencies to rationalize and analyze. They were starting to rub off on him, and it was getting rather... irritating. For lack of a better word. As things were, he was already so disgruntled his logic centers were barely in harmonic oscillation.

There was, first, the planet. A small world, third in the young solar system in a young nebula. Primitive peoples, primitive technologies, and so much water it made his metal skin crawl. The humidity was generally within acceptable limits, but there were days when the condensation was so bad, he felt his paint was going to be permanently stained and eaten through. He already looked a little the worse for wear, and the last thing he wanted was to start looking like Bumblebee had when he first infilitrated the humans and their cities, all rust-eaten and weather-beaten and looking like a scrap yard escapee. The poor soul.

Then there was the matter of Sam's... rodent. While the boy had called the thing a chihuahua, a canis subspecies, the overanxious, almost hysterical, constantly yapping thing seemed more rodent than dog. He still hadn't completely... forgiven, the human word was... the little mutt for lubricating his foot. True enough to his fears, the patch HAD rusted, no thanks to the little rodent's highly acidic urine. Add that to the fact that the nervous little rat had a tendency to pee on anything whenever it felt threatened... and the thing it peed on tended to be his tyres... He was generally rather pissed. And while he realized that there was a horrendous pun, he couldn't find it in him to be amused...

And lastly, but far from the least, THEM.

Sam's parents.

A more irritating pair of beings he had never encountered. In all the millenia he had been online, he had never come across anything that came remotely close to the sheer frustration of having to interact with this infuriating pair. The first encounter with them had already been highly taxing, and he'd not totally been jesting when he mentioned that taking them out as an option. He'd actually felt a twinge of regret when Prime went ape on him and demanded to know what had scrambled his processors. Not so much because his fearless leader had been angry, but more because he had said no.

And now that they were attempting to live in hiding amongst humans, and given that Bumblebee had elected to stay with Sam...

He cursed Ratchet for having the foresight of choosing a search and rescue vehicle that could not be driven by civilians. He cursed Prime, though not quite as vehemently, for choosing his rig. Prime didn't really have a choice, given his overall size and stature. You could hardly expect the leader of the autobots to choose a Choro QQ or a Mitsubishi i as an alt mode after all. But most of all, he cursed himself for the sheer stupidity in choosing an alt mode that was so... family friendly.

And speaking of family friendly, THEY were here.

The sound of their bickering as they yapped about the humdrum details of their miserable little lives in technicolor detail. The way their banter fell on his audio sensors made him wish that Prime hadn't warned him, in no uncertain terms, that if he were to attempt to kill, harm, hurt, or even lightly singe them, he would dismantle him personally and reassemble him so his head would come out partway out his posterior.

It was just so tempting.

And the worst thing of it was... the mother was carrying the rodent. And they were both headed towards him in an unmistakable fashion.

Too late, he contemplated revving his engine and tearing out into the street at full speed, claiming there was an emergency and that the Decepticons had returned. In the nanoseconds he took to compute the possibilities of that particular tactic being successful, a manicured hand had pulled open his passenger seat door, while a familiar greasy weight was settling into his driver's seat.

What are you doing, may I ask? he growled sullenly, wondering to himself what would happen if he transformed right now with them inside.

"We need to go shopping at the mall, you silly thing," thrilled the mother, her free hand flapping around ecstatically. "Sam just called and said that he wanted us to join him and Mikaela for lunch! Those sweet young things... I'm sure it was Mikaela's idea, you know, Sam is hardly EVER this thoughtful..."

"But he did get you that nice set of earrings on your last birthday," chimed in the father, shifting his ponderous behind against Ironhide's poor deformed leather seat. "You can't deny that..."

"But he did that after Mikaela suggested that! Remember how he was telling us that she'd dragged him to the store when she found out it was my birthday and..."

"Don't talk bad about your own son, eh? He's a goo..."

Ironhide revved his engine loudly, distracting them.

Might I enquire... why are you asking me to drive you there? You DO have your own vehicle.

"Oh Hide-y, don't be such a spoilsport. It's just to the mall, and you're so much more comfortable than that cheap piece of trash that HE drives."

"Hey! I resent that! It's a classic vehicle!"

Holding back a frustrated sob, Ironhide ground his gears together for a while before finally, reluctantly, starting his engine. It was only a short drive to the mall anyway. The faster he moved, the less he would have to put up with this idiocy.

Then he felt a warm wetness on his back seat, accompanied by a series of yips.


He contemplated suicide at that point. Maybe Jazz HAD gone on to a better place. Any place was probably better than this.

Resisting the urge to test his hypothesis about whether he could function as a meat grinder if he transformed now, he pulled out of the driveway slowly, the mother apologising profusely as she ingrained the rodent's urine deeper into his leather seats.

It was going to be another of those days.
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Chronological Master List - Dearka x Millie fics [for 30_kisses]

Gundam Seed

#5. "ano sa" ("hey, you know....")
Author: ataiki

2a.Invincible (part 1)
2b.Unrivaled (part 2)
16. invincible; unrivaled
Author: hemlocke

The Interval

3.Tunnel Vision
#1. look over here
#11. gardenia
Author: hemlocke

4.The Wind in Her Hair, The Sun in her Smile
#3. jolt!
#19. red
#29. the sound of waves
Author: ataiki

5.Good Night
#24. good night
Author: ataiki

Gundam Seed Destiny, and Beyond...

6.Calling Earth
#4. our distance and that person
#10. #10
Author: ataiki

7.You Don't Have to be a Superstar
#7. superstar
Author: ataiki

8/Crash Landing
#9. dash
#15. perfect blue
Author: hemlocke

9.Bad Mood
#12. in a good mood
Author: hemlocke

10.Fools Rush In
#6. the space between dream and reality
Author: ataiki

11.Come Clean
#2. news; letter
Author: hemlocke

12.Not Mine to Own
#17. kHz (kilohertz)
#26. if only I could make you mine
Author: hemlocke

Author: hemlocke

14/Lead Me To Your Door
#14. radio-cassette player
#20. the road home
Author: ataiki

15.First and Last
#30. kiss
Author: hemlocke

16.Just Desserts
#23. candy
Author: hemlocke

17.Piracy on the High Seas
#21. violence; pillage/plunder; extortion
Author: hemlocke

#8. our own world
#22. cradle
Author: ataiki

19.Be My Baby
#13. excessive chain
#28. Wada Calcium CD3
Author: hemlocke

#18. "say ahh...." ("a~n" is also something really smug guys say, like, "I look really hot tonight, a~n?"... having the question mark in there makes it difficult to know which one is meant, so either interpretation is ok)
#27. overflow
Author: ataiki

21.Quiet Days
#25. fence
Author: ataiki

And while we're done with the themes, this isn't over yet. ;)
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Fools Rush In

For 30_kisses
Title: Fools Rush In
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #6 (the space between dream and reality)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue.

The mug made a rather resounding thwack as it slammed onto the surface of the bar counter. The normally unflappable bartender winced a little at the sound, and winced a little more at the small cracks that had started appearing at the bottom of the mug, and around the handle.
Millie couldn't care less. She was pissed off, and was determined to get pissed drunk as well.
Of all the nerve. What do you know, blondes really DO have the IQ of a decapitated turtle, no matter what se... gender they are. She leaned back as she took another swig. Stupid, pigheaded, idiotic twit. Can't think of anyone but himself can he?
She sighed, though it came out more like a growl, and hunched down over the bar counter, glaring at her beer. It wasn't working quite as well as she'd wanted it to, and it was already her fourteenth mug. She was still sober and fresh as a daisy though, and it was not helping her mood one bit.
Bloody ungrateful bastard. After all I've done for him, does he think one bit about what I want? Go back to ZAFT, I said. Get your affairs in order, I said. Go sort out your life, I said. And when I told him I want to be a war photojournalist, what DOES he say? The prick! She grabbed the mug and finished off the beer in one quick chug before slamming it back down on the counter and motioning for a refill.
"Easy on the hardware eh, lady?" breathed the bartender in a husky voice. It wasn't surprising to see why he had it. There was a huge mass of scar tissue over the front of his neck, which probably involved the insides of it as well. Millie cocked an irritated eyebrow, and waved him off as she hunched over her newfound best friend.
He's worried about me, he said. War's a dangerous thing, he said. As if I didn't already know. I mean... She shook her head as images of Tolle rose unbidden in her mind, and the abyss of depression loomed below her, waiting for her to take the plunge. Ah, screw this. I served on the Archangel. I was nearly killed so many times I've lost count. So has HE, for that matter, and while he spouted all that nonsense, he was STILL going out there. And he's got the CHEEK to tell me that he wants me safe on PLANT with him, away from war, while he goes out to stick his neck into the middle of it. NO BLOODY WAY! I'm NOT gonna be some silly demure housewife sitting at home with some tear-drenched hankie waiting for my man to come home!
She took another violent swig, but put the mug down rather more gently this time, earning a relieved smile from the bartender. She stared at the contents of her mug again. It was already half empty. She sighed and hunched over the bar counter again, puffing her cheeks out as she contemplated chewing on the sleeves of her jacket in sheer frustration.
Ignorant, chauvanistic PIG. I should've known he was too good to be true. Coming in on me all suave and sexy and like he's all that. Like some kinght on a charger out of some kid's dream. Gods, reality took a big bite outta me with that one. There I was thinking I'd met the perfect guy, and he turns out to be the galaxy's biggest thickhead. What was I THINKING?!
Almost as if they'd had a mind of their own, her eyes grew wet, much to her shock. Maybe she was less sober than she'd thought.
No. NO. There's NO way in hell I'm gonna be caught crying. Not here. Not like this. This is so STUPID! I REFUSE to cry over someone like that idiotic blonde AIRHEAD.
Huffing, she ran her sleeve over her eyes, rubbing a little to clear the moisture. Not that it seemed to be working.
"Errr... Hello?"
"What?!" she snapped as she spun around.
She was met by the sight of a thin, pale man with ash-brown hair, wearing orange tinted shades. He looked dizzily happy, and a little shocked, possibly a bit concerned.
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Quiet Days

For 30_kisses
Title: Quiet Days
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #25 (fence)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue.

"Hello there, neighbour."
Dearka opened his eyes, then blinked. He'd been dozing while propped up against his fence, and hadn't expected to be woken for at least another half hour at least. And above him, there was something above the top of the fence.
Wincing as he stood to the merry crackling of stiff joints, he turned to locate the source of the greeting. It was readily apparent, actually. There was a hat sticking out over the top of the light blue fence that seperated the houses. The compounds, rather. After all, when one was the son of a member of the ZAFT Supreme Council, it was rather difficult not to own an estate that wasn't the size of... well. The last time he checked, it was about 3 football fields or so. Or maybe 4. He couldn't remember. Whatever it was, it was easy enough to hide in the estate, at least, and it ensured the kids had plenty of space to play in. It also made hide and seek murder - a fact he was thankful for at the moment, since that was exactly what he was doing.
However, he had been found, somehow, by some strange cosmic coincidence, and thankfully, not by someone in the family, who would promptly drag him back to the mansion and insist that he supervise the kids in some way. Or do housework. Something along those lines, anyway.
Now, he just had to figure out who it was.
"Hey there," he ventured tentatively, waving.
The hat raised a hand and waved back. "You doing ok? Don't usually see people skulking against fences like that"
"Yeah," he replied, feeling rather sheepish. "Sorry bout that. Needed to get away."
Dearka watched, bemused, as the hat bobbed up and down as if it was nodding. Or at least, the head it was on was nodding. "Yeah, we all get times like that. Family getting a bit too much to handle?"
"Yeah, kinda. I mean, one son, one daughter, and a pair of twins which make it TWO sons and TWO daughters... egads, it's enough to drive someone crazy."
"Holy... You must REALLY love your wife!"
Dearka laughed. "More than she'll ever know. Hang on, wait a minute. Who are you?"
"Ah, sorry bout that. The name's Gordon. I just moved in here not too long ago."
"Ah, hi Gordon. Name's Dearka."
"Oh my, an ace pilot in the flesh. Really?"
"Nah, not really. I didn't really do much anyhow."
"You're too modest, really."
Dearka grinned a little, then his brow creased. Why am I talking to someone I don't even know? He scratched his head a little in confusion, then shrugged his shoulders. It wasn't like talking to a neighbour would kill him, and it'd be nice to establish some nice friendly ties amongst the neighbours. Surely Millie wouldn't object to that. "So, Mr Gordon, you just moved in huh? Where're you from?"
"Down the street really. I moved exactly three houses down after the last family here moved. The place was bigger and such."
"Ah. I see. Kinda, anyway."
There was a long silence as he tried to think of something to say.
"So, Gordon, what're you doing over there anyway?"
"Some gardening. I find it rather therapeutic. And it keeps me away from the wifey when my ears need to take a break."
"You too, eh?"
"We all need a break sometime, yeah."
"Glad I'm not the only one then."
They both chuckled. Suddenly curious, Dearka went on tiptoe and leaned forward against the fence.
"Whoa there!" said Gordon as he turned around.
Dearka arched an eyebrow. "What's wrong?"
"Sorry," replied Gordon as he cleared his throat. "Shy, I guess. Don't like people seeing my face. You're ok with that right?"
"Yeah, I'm cool."
There was a another long, strange silence, and Dearka suddenly felt a strange urge to, well, confide. His eyebrow twitched as he wondered why. "So..."
"Heh, yeah. The allure of talking to a stranger is kinda interesting, isn't it?"
"What are you? Psychic?" Dearka asked in some alarm.
Gordon laughed. "Nah, not in the slightest. Used to have a neighbour like you once before, kinda. Some guy called Tim. He had the occasional spat with the wifey sometimes, and the occasional kid problem, and he always used to walk right up to the fence and start talking to me about it. It was kinda weird, but kinda comforting too. Nice to know that I ain't the only one with the problems, and problems are smaller when shared."
"I guess," Dearka replied tentatively, rubbing the back of his neck in uncertainty. It WOULD be good to have someone to chat with, about things in general. Especially since Yzak had up and shacked up with that quiet woman... she was the sister to the pilot of that Red Zaku Warrior... ah yes. Hawke, was it? Meiri? Meirin? Something like that. Yeah. Ever since Yzak and Meirin had gotten married and moved, he'd been feeling rather overwhelmed. One pretty wife and four beautiful children, all stubborn, strong-willed and manipulative as hell.
He shuddered a little as he remembered how his daughters had pulled their teary-eyed gazes on him on so many occasions to get dolls, then dresses, then miscellaneous accessories and jewelry, especially the elder one. And the boys weren't much better either. They'd perfected their puppy dog eyes, and it was all he and Millie could do not to cave in. Given the sheer number of girls they had chasing after them [not counting those impudent whippersnappers that even dared to breathe near his girls], they were a testament to good genes leading to good progeny. And TERRIFYING progeny as well.
There were plenty of times he would've killed to get away though, when things got tough, and the tension in the house was so thick you would've had problems cutting it with a beam saber. And ever since Yzak had left, and with Athrun and Kira being so busy with THEIR women, he'd been dying for someone to talk to. Especially someone who WASN'T part of la familia.
Still, he couldn't take chances. He'd have to run a full background check on this Gordon before he'd even think of talking of anything beyond the mundane things like the weather. The last thing he needed was his private life splattered over some tabloid for the entertainment of the masses, like that small fiasco with Athrun and Cagalli during their honeymoon. Granted, Cagalli DID look like a boy, but calling Athrun a closet gay pedophile and Cagalli a dyke was just low. She LIKED wearing caps, jackets and pants. What was wrong with that?
It was tempting though, and an option he might look into. Having a new friend, a sane one who'd offer some good ideas out of some of the horrors his family could come up would be nice.
"We'll see, eh, Gordon? We'll see. Now excuse me a second."
"Alright then. See you around, neighbour."
Dearka smiled and waved back as Gordon waved and the hat bobbed away from the fence, backing up into the bushes behind him. Reaching down, he twisted and yanked with both his hands, eliciting loud yelps of protest from his twins.
"HEY! LEGGO!!!" wailed Darienne as she stood up shakily as Dearka pulled at her long blonde hair, looking paler than her usual fair complexion.
"YOU should talk, he's got my EAR!" whined Myca as his fingers clawed the air ineffectually while his father quickly changed his grip to grab his auburn hair instead, his mocha skin a few shades paler through the pain.
"Didn't I tell you kids never to eavesdrop? And never to try to sneak up on me?" Dearka said, an evil smile on his face as he wiggled his hands around a bit, much to their consternation. 'Come on, back to the mansion. I think your mother and I have something to say to you."
Their wails faded in the distance as they made their way back home.
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For 30_kisses
Title: Gurgle.
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #18 ("say ahh....") and #27 (overflow)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue.

He wanted to cry.
That was the foremost thing on his mind as he resisted the urge to take his head and drive it through a wall. Repeatedly. Behind him came the joyous sound of a two year old screaming with laughter as he pelted his merry way through the house, waving a rattle like it was a sword as he chased after the yowling family cat, a battle-scarred grey furred tom that had seen better days.
Before him sat a bundle of giggles. A very hyperactive one as well. A very porridge splattered hyperactive one. He groaned as his cat and his kid hurtled past again, squeezing his temples as the worst headache of his life [over the last fifteen minutes anyway] threatened to beat his brains out of his skull. With a warhammer.
Feeling horrified, yet numb, he looked at himself. Once, he was a elite pilot for the ZAFT forces. Once, he had been the pilot of the Buster Gundam. He had survived the battle of Yakin Due. He had survived countless battles before and after that, even after they'd taken the Buster for research and shoved him into a crappy Zaku Gunner. And now...
He was wearing an apron. A porridge splattered apron. Porridge was in his hair as well. On his face too. On his arms. On the tiled floor. In short, everywhere. He looked a mess, just like his house. Having two children was taking its bloody toll on him, as was the thought of the one on the way.
He sighed. This is all MILLIE'S fault...
And while she was off doing... whatever it was that editors do in her posh office where Lacus had gotten her a job with some top notch news firm, where she also doubled up as her personal agent, he, the much decorated illustrious former ace warrior was now reduced to doing housework.
He hadn't complained when peace had come, no. He'd welcomed it. After all, that gave him and Millie a well-earned chance to finally settle down. She had looked so radiant on their wedding day. Even more so on their wedding night. And in ten short months, their first child arrived. He'd been so happy that day, he felt he could burst with all the joy he was filled to overflowing with. Needless to say, all hell broke loose in no time. The advent of their second progeny made things moderately worse, and now that a third was on the way, he was really REALLY beginning to dread staying home. After all, it made him do crazy things, like praying for a war to break out. Or piracy. Or a minor border skirmish. ANYTHING to get him out of the house.
She laughed, gurgling cutely as she patted him on the head with one chubby hand, squealing with delight as her brother made another pass through the battlefield that used to be a kitchen.
He sighed. Like it or not, I have to get her to finish this. She'll never grow up right, otherwise. Smiling, he stirred the porridge, took a small spoonful, and lifted it up. "Aeroplane's coming in now, baby. Say ahhhhhhh~~~"
She obliged, laughing. And when the spoon was mere millimeters from her face, she batted it away, sending the porridge splattering onto his face.
"Millie, where ARE YOU?!?!" he wailed.
Nearby, as if by some cosmic joke, the kettle whistled its merriment and the clogged sink decided to do some overflowing of its own.
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For 30_kisses
Title: Whoops.
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #8 (our own world) and #22 (cradle)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. I'll give ya candy?...

Dearka blinked, and he could definitely feel his jaw going slack.
Millie sighed. "A cradle. Yes. We need one of those. Together with a coupla sets of baby clothes and booties. Pairs of em. I'm guessing one blue and one pink should do."
She looked up from the list she was making and stared exasperatedly at his face. It had the distinct look of someone where the lights were on, but no one was home. Irrationally, she contemplated knocking on his forehead to check if his head was hollow, but decided against it. At the moment, it just might be.
"Hello? Dee? Can we get back to business here?"
Dearka started. "Huh? Oh yeah. Right. Business. What did you call me here for again? You said you needed me to help buy some things. What were they again?"
Another gusty sigh escaped Millie's lips as she sagged visibly. This had been going on for almost fifteen minutes.
"CU. RAY. DAH. UL. As in, the thing you stick babies in so they can sleep. And we need to get baby clothes and stuff as well. And it's kinda early, but we probably need to think about infant formulas and whatnot."
She winced as she took another look at his face. His jaw had sagged visibly open, and there was a look of utter and total incomprehension. Mixed in with equal parts horror and sillyness, judging by the goofy upturn to the edges of his mouth. She had a feeling that if she sat him down next to a stunned herring and a worm and made them do an IQ test, the stunned herring would win. The worm might still lose.
Okay, the worm would win hands down too. She rolled her eyes. It was time for some decisive action.
Walking up to him, and amazed that he barely noticed, she slid both hands to the open lapels of his jacket, took firm hold, and started shaking him. "GET A GRIP, YOU LAMEBRAIN! It was BOUND to happen sooner or later!"
Her eyebrow twitched twice in quick succession as she realized that his overall lack of motor response, in other words, his general floppiness, was probably a good indication that his brain had shut down. It had probably been the word 'babies'. Why was it that men tended to go brain-dead at the mention of progeny? They WERE a natural outcome of a relationship that involved marriage after all. After all, what did they want their own little world for if they were the only two people in it? It'd get boring. The sex may be good, but...
Oh for Pete's sake...
She smacked both her palms against his cheeks, finally getting a stunned grrrnk out of him, and dragged his face so their noses were touching.
"Now listen carefully, Dee. As much as I wish it were so, we're buying these things for LACUS and KIRA. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?! LACUS and KIRA. She's THREE MONTHS pregnant, and it appears that Kira's genes pulled through, cuz their doctor is willing to stake his money that they have TWINS."
"Eh?" Dearka shook his head. "So you're?..."
"Not me, you ninny. LACUS."
Dearka sagged. She couldn't really tell if it was with relief or whether he was crestfallen, but she fancied the latter. "So you're..."
She rolled her eyes heavenward and smacked him between the eyes.
"Gods, I married a moron."
Holding the bridge of his nose, Dearka protested, in muffled tones. "HEY! It's not BY fault! Yoo dook be by surbrise!"
"And you don't want kids, is that it?"
"OF COURSE I want kids! Just didn't expect em quite this early. We've only been married like..."
Millie arched an eyebrow. "Right, and when you take into account the number of times we've..."
"Good point." Dearka turned a brilliant scarlet, which she still found amusing. It was amazing how easy it was to embarass him, even now.
"Ah well," she sighed as she leaned in closer. "That means we just need to try harder now, don't we?"
He never thought it'd be possible, but he was quite sure that he turned redder.
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You Don't Have To Be A Superstar

For 30_kisses
Title: You Don't Have To Be A Superstar
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #7 (superstar)
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. PURISU!

[Millie dials Dearka's number on her handphone.]
Millie: [muttering to herself] Hope he's home, the silly boy, he forgot to give me his handphone number. After he changed it again. How many times has he changed it now? Thrice in two months? Overly fashion conscious...
Dearka: [sleepily] gnnnh... urgh. Hello?
Millie: ... whoops. Did I wake you?
Dearka: [stares at clock] It's... oh man, it's 3 in the morning over here.
Millie: The time differential shifted again? It's only midnight over here.
Dearka: I don't know, really... [stifles yawn]... may be something to do with the orbit or whatever. It's been getting more and more outta sync with Earth time. Maybe the weather center coms just need to be reset or something. Or maybe it could just be cuz of where you are. I dunno. Too sleepy to care. [gives up and yawns] What's up? Why're you calling at midnight anyway? Shouldn't you be asleep?
Millie: No rest for the wicked, I'm afraid...
Dearka: Which you are in spades, you evil woman.
Millie: Of course.
Dearka: ... ok, what're you working on so late anyhow? Not like you to be up this late unless you're rushing something.
Millie: Heh. You know me too well, Dee.
Dearka: You know I hate it when you call me that...
Millie: Which is EXACTLY why I call you that.
Dearka: [groans] Oh fine, whatever. [yawns again as he settles on his back] So what's this major scoop that's keeping my baby up all night?
Millie: You won't believe this.


Dearka: I'm waiting...
Millie: Imagine... A Zaku descending from the sky...
Dearka: ... and...
Millie: Painted all in pink. Flanked by some garish orange painted suit that looks like it wants to be related to a carrot.
Dearka: Oh. You were at THAT base.
Millie: Yeah.
Dearka: That was likely to be a Gouf Ignited, by the way. Probably Commander Heine Westenfluss. I heard he was on special assignment, but I never expected him to get this kinda half-assed job.
Millie: Who cares what that thing is called. It's ugly. Just like the PINK ZAKU. Gods. What person in his right mind wants to paint a Zaku PINK?!... and there's someone out there called HEINE-Y?!
Dearka: Her right mind, actually. It was... 'Lacus'... who ordered it painted pink. And yes. Heine. He's an ace-ranked pilot, apparently. Stupid name aside.


Millie: You DO know that's not OUR Lacus, right?
Dearka: Of course I do.
Millie: Just checking.
Dearka: Hey, gimme a little credit here. We know that Lacus is with Kira... wherever they are now...
Millie: Beats me where they are. They kinda kidnapped Cagalli, and I doubt they'd want to stay on the radar after a stunt like that...
Dearka: Heh. Kira's changed quite a bit, hasn't he?
Millie: Haven't we all?
Dearka: Point taken. [stretches] So you're staying up to do the report on Lacus Version 2.0?
Millie: Like I have a choice... and the worst thing about it...
Dearka: What?
Millie: I had to hear her SING.

[long silence, cut short when Dearka bursts out laughing]

Millie Hey! HEY! Stop laughing!

[Dearka continues laughing. It's not like he doesn't want to stop, but he can't help himself.]

Millie: Oh come on! This is SO not funny!
Dearka: Don't you love what's she's done to Lacus' music?
Millie: Oh, I simply adore it. [makes gagging noises, much to Dearka's amusement] Gods, I'm surprised Lacus can just sit there and listen to it. If it were me, I woulda gotten Kira to fly over there and STEP on her or something.
Dearka: Be glad, woman. You only had to listen to that crack remix once. They blare it over the radios here pretty damn often. Granted it was kinda amusing at first...
Dearka: Beats me. I never even knew I was a puppy, and I feel perfectly fine.
Millie: Oh, you KNOW what I...
Dearka: Of course I do. But yeah. It's starting to get mighty irritating at times. I've been entertaining thoughts of bashing in the speakers in the corridor outside my room, for starters. And if they start using it as the wake up call, I swear I'm gonna have puppies.

[Millie laughs hysterically]

Dearka: And NOW who's laughing?
Millie: hahahahahahahahahsorrrhahahahahahrrruuuurrrrhurrrhurrhurrrhreeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe...

[Dearka listens as she probably falls off her chair, judging by the yelp and the accompanying thud.]

Dearka: You ok?
Millie: Yeah. Nothing hurt but my pride, really. But gods...
Dearka: Yeah...
Millie: Yeah...


Dearka: [stifles another yawn] You almost done yet though?
Millie: Yeah, almost. Got the pictures ready already, it's mainly thinking of what to say that's such a bitch.
Dearka: Heh. Keep at it eh? I'm sure you'll manage.
Millie: And when have I not?
Dearka: See what I mean?

[they laugh]

Millie: Seriously though.
Dearka: Yeah?
Millie: Why did you choose to end up with a girl like me? I mean... I'm not that good looking, and I'm not rich, and not some superstar. You're ZAFT Elite right? Wouldn't they expect that of you? Instead of me... I mean... I'm just a Natural...
Dearka: Ah, they can shove it up their asses for all I care. And if they need some more conviction, I could always threaten to step on them.
Millie: You wouldn't...
Dearka: Ah, but they don't know for sure now, do they?...
Millie: You joke too much sometimes, you know that?
Dearka: Heh. It's the way I am. 'sides... you really have nothing to worry about. I ain't the kind to go after girls for money or fame or anything. I already got that in droves. What would I want more for? And there's no way in hell I'm going after a superstar... I mean, take fake Lacus for example... they make rather bad conversationalists when they mainly talk about themselves, ya know. And their clothes. And their hair. And... gods know what else.

[Millie giggles]

Dearka: Besides... why would I need to look for anything else when I already have everything I want? And everything I need?
Millie: Really? And what would that be?
Dearka: You.


Millie: Gods, I wish I was there to kiss you senseless.
Dearka: It worked then, heh.
Millie: It was just a LINE?!
Dearka: Of course not, you worrywart. But I DO miss you a lot. And I REALLY wish you were here right now. After all, those kisses seem to have some rather fascinating accompaniments...


Dearka: Millie?
Millie: [mock threatening voice] You are SO gonna get it from me when I see you again...
Dearka: And I'll be looking forward to every minute of it. You done yet?
Millie: Yeah, pretty much. As much as I want to, anyway. If I check through this one more time, I'm gonna go cross-eyed.
Dearka: Then go sleep then. I do NOT want those pretty eyes crossed.
Millie: Flatterer.
Dearka: And don't you know it.


Millie: Night, Dee.
Dearka: Nights, sweetie.

[end call]
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For 30_kisses
Title: Surprises
Author/Artist: Veldspar aka Ataiki
Pairing: Dearka Elthman x Miriallia Haww
Fandom: Gundam SEED / Gundam SEED DESTINY
Theme: #5 ("ano sa" ("hey, you know...."))
Disclaimer: Gundam SEED and its characters belong to Sunrise and Bandai. Please don't sue. I'm already poor... don't make it worse... ;_; PLEASE! /cries...

"Ano sa..."
"Why are you following me around?" Millie asked, an irritated look upon her face. Actually, to say she was irritated was an understatement - she was just about ready to kill the blonde idiot if he kept this up. She HAD tried before, and sometimes, she wondered why she had stopped Flay from putting a cap in his head.
"Me?" he asked, an innocent look on his face, pretending to look at the ceiling as he slouched. "Nah, I'm not following you. Just heading in the same direction.'
She narrowed her eyes and glared at him, but go no further reaction out of him as he plastered a just-passing-through-don't-mind-me look on his face. What the hell is he thinking? And why, of all people, is he following ME around?
Huffing, she spun around and stalked off towards the mess hall, glowering as she realized she could still hear his footsteps not too far behind.
She stormed into the mess, automatically earning averted gazes and a lot of personal space as the Archangel's crew slowly sidestepped away from her in what they hoped was an unobtrusive fashion. And she could still hear him behind. He might as well have been whistling.
Ignore. He's just here for the food. He's just here for the food.
She took a deep breath as she placed her orders, and hurried to a table with her tray of food. Sai was on duty, and Tolle... She bit her lip as she tried to fight back sudden tears. Dammit, I WILL not cry. Not here. Not in public. ESPECIALLY not while that blonde excuse for a jackass is around. Somehow, she managed to get herself under control, and began to eat. Never mind that she looked like she was tearing raw flesh off a carcass as she wolfed down her lunch.
"Is this seat taken?"
"Go a..."
She glanced up, back at her food, then glared at Dearka with a look that would've left him as nothing but smouldering boots if she'd had her way. He grinned at her in an almost goofy way that made her want to smack him. Hard. Anything to get that smile off his face.
Admittedly, he wasn't QUITE as bad as she first thought, but he was still a ZAFT pilot. And as far as she cared, all ZAFT pilots belonged in the sun where they could burn for eternity.
She ground her teeth together as he sat down in that smooth way of his. It was almost feline. He shot her another million megawatt grin, which fell rather flat, together with his face. Apparently, he wasn't used to not having a girl swoon and fall into his arms when he exercised his charm.
She closed her eyes for a second as he dug into his food, then pushed herself rather violently away from the table, sadistically happy that he scrambled to right his glass of water and his small bowl of soup. "I'm not hungry," she said loudly, as she grabbed the tray, with most of the food still on it, and stalked off, shoving the tray and its contents into a recycle point on the way out of the mess hall.
He shrugged and laughed nervously as the others stared at him, then after her. Suddenly embarassed, he tucked into his food a little faster than usual, quickly finishing it off, and dumping the tray in the recycle bin as he beat a hasty retreat.
He sighed as the door sighed closed behind him, rubbing the back of his neck as he tried to figure out where she'd gone now.
Still, he guess she'd be easy to find.
He never expected to be grabbed by his arm and slammed into a wall as he turned a corner though.
"Why the HELL are you following me?" Millie growled as she tightened the hold on his arm, twisting it in a way he found distinctly uncomfortable. He was tempted to slap the wall in surrender, but she'd probably twist harder.
He yelped a little, wondering why, as a Coordinator, he couldn't just shrug out of the grip and pin HER instead... then again, dislocating his shoulder seemed a tad too drastic for that.
"Errrrr... Let me go first?"
She twisted a little.
"OK! OK! Jeez, woman!"
"Why have you been following me around these last couple of days?"
"I... Errrrr..."
"I... I..."
She twisted harder.
She blinked, and he slid out of her grip as her hands involuntarily went slack. "What did you say?"
"Nothing," he replied as he fought to keep his face blank. He figured it wasn't working from the way his cheeks were burning, but he had to try. ... Ah, screw this.
Turning as quickly as he could so she couldn't see him turn the colour of a tomato under his tan, he walked away down the corridor, leaving Millie stunned.
Did... Did he just?... She blinked again. What on earth was that?!
Shaking her head, she began the walk back to her quarters, a thoughtful expression on her face.
Watching her as she walked away as he peeked from the end of the corridor, that was exactly what he was thinking. He wasn't sure what on earth he was thinking or doing either, and that... sudden outburst was just as unexpected for him as it was for her. Shaking his head, he started down the corridor to his quarters.
He needed to think. He really needed to think.
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